KnowNow Debuts With Event Routing Technology

KnowNow, a new company that makes Internet-scale event routing software, officially launched Wednesday.

The Mountain View-based company’s first set of application internetworking solutions allows companies to exchange information over the Internet instantly and consistently.

Three products making their debut include its KnowNow Event Router, KnowNow Microservers(a client-side code embedded into browsers and applications that enables client/server-like communication, holding open persistent HTTP/HTTPS connections between the KnowNow Event Router and the application), and KnowNow JavaScript Microserver (its Java-based counterpart).

The company says maintaining a persistent connection between Web browsers and applications, eliminating the need to periodically “refresh.” KnowNow’s software follows standard Web protocols, requires zero instillation and easily integrates with the desktop and across the Web.

“The need for companies to integrate their value chains is tremendous – and this is where we can help,” says KnowNow CEO Bill Barhydt. “Our approach to application integration is standards-based to enable rapid development of rich Web applications with client/server usability, as well as interconnect new Web services without costly development cycles.”

Barhydt feels KnowNow has a good direction at least. A recent Gartner Group study says more than 80 percent of the information between companies is exchanged via batch file transfer rather than real-time mechanisms. In many cases, the data is manually re-keyed.

In addition to just getting word out about the company, KnowHow says its future products in development will include modules and components to manage industry-specific processes such as content filtering, data transformation, security and clustering.

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