KPMG Picks Siebel To Enhance Employee Management

International consulting giant, KPMG Consulting, Inc. , announced today it will expand its Enterprise Solutions offering by including Siebel Employee Relationship Management 7 (Siebel ERM 7), a property of e-business software application provider, Siebel Systems, Inc.

A key component of Siebel 7, Siebel’s seventh major release of its eBusiness software, Siebel ERM 7, is designed to help organizations become more efficient through increasing employee productivity, enhancing workforce training and skills, and streamlining the delivery of information to employees.

Siebel ERM 7 will now be offered to both firms’ customers through KPMG’s Workforce Solution Family, its suite of Web-enabled applications for employee management.

“We are seeing steady growth for the need of workforce solutions across all lines of business, including insurance, utilities, banking, and manufacturing,” says Ray Zaso, managing director, KPMG Consulting.

“With Siebel ERM 7, we can provide our clients with a solution for managing their workforce more effectively and strategically — from hiring through retiring,” he continues.

According to research from CIBC World Markets, it is estimated that companies will spend more than $160 billion annually — nearly $1,500 per employee — to hire, train, manage, and retain their workforce.

Siebel says that Siebel ERM 7 offers an integrated suite of applications to help companies reduce the costs associated with employee processes, and argues that the software accelerates and streamlines information, training, education, and team collaboration.

“We are very excited that KPMG Consulting has chosen to offer Siebel ERM 7 to our joint enterprise customers as part of its Workforce Solution Family,” says Mercedes Ellison, vice president, Alliances for Siebel Systems.

“KPMG Consulting’s experience offering strategic advice and delivering valued results together with Siebel ERM 7, will provide our joint customers with a way to respond to increasing demand for employee productivity and cost reduction,” Ellison explains.

As a strategic partner of Siebel, KPMG Consulting has certified Siebel consultants in all its industry segments. To support the joint efforts, KPMG Consulting will be installing Siebel ERM 7 in its Broadband Solutions Centers, that allow customers to develop, test, and deploy business applications.

“KPMG Consulting’s capability to showcase Siebel ERM in its Broadband Solution Center clearly demonstrates the benefits our joint customers can realize,” says Ellison.

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