Lexmark Offers Free Printers to Juno Subscribers

Capitalizing on the fact that Internet access has been a successful sales tool when bundled with highly-rebated personal computer purchases, Lexmark International Inc. plans to put the nearly-free hardware scheme to use promoting their sales of ink-jet printers nationwide.

Lexmark Wednesday announced the formation of a strategic alliance with Juno Online Service Inc. (JWEB) in order to promote inkjet printer sales bundled with Internet services. The companies plan to offer the nearly free printers to consumers when they sign up for one year of Juno Internet access.

As part of the deal, consumers may select from four different Lexmark inkjet printers and receive rebates up to $200 when they contract with Juno Online Services for one year of Internet access. Because Lexmark’s ink-jet printers start as low as $99, the printer purchase may be essentially free of charge with a $100 rebate.

Unlike computer hardware deals where consumers must subscribe to an Internet service provider for three years to receive a $400 rebate, the Lexmark-Juno deal requires a one-year commitment.

Paul Johns, Lexmark vice president of U.S. sales and marketing, said that the partnership was a natural pairing for the two companies that desired to join forces and create an exceptional values for consumers.

“This alliance is our latest move toward revolutionizing the printer marketplace,” Johns said. “Juno and Lexmark are similar to each other because we are currently the number two inkjet manufacturer in the U.S. and Juno is the second largest dial-up service provider in the U.S.”

Charles E. Ardai, Juno president and chief executive officer, said the company is always searching for new ways to bring great values to their subscribers.

“We’re very excited about the relationship with Lexmark, because we’re continually looking for ways to offer great value to our customers,” Ardai said. “With over 70 million subscribers, both companies can capitalize on our ability to reach a broad audience and satisfy customers with this unique promotion.”

The nearly free printer promotion is currently being offered nationwide at Circuit City and Best Buy stores, as well as other consumer electronic retail outlets. If consumers do not want to subscribe to Juno Online services, their purchase remains eligible to receive a $50 rebate off the price of select Lexmark inkjet printers.

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