LookSmart Search Directory Found on IBM

Web directory and search firm LookSmart Monday inked a deal with IBM
to become the preferred search provider for the computer giant’s Internet
service provider division.

The agreement calls for LookSmart to offer its directory services to users
of IBM’s Internet Connection Services ISP. LookSmart hosts an editorially
reviewed database of Web content with 800,000 site listings in 24,000

Internet Connection Services provides Internet access to more than 100,000
customers in 53 countries. In addition to LookSmart, the ISP offers search
functions from 13 other search engines including AltaVista, Yahoo!, Excite and Webcrawler.

“The seamless integration of LookSmart’s high-quality content directory and
search product with our Web site adds significant depth and value for our
customers around the world,” said Bruce Jackson, vice president of network
services, IBM Global Services.

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