Loudcloud Expands Disaster Recovery Services

Loudcloud, Inc., , the leading managed services provider, today announced its expanded Loudcloud Disaster Recovery services to facilitate Web site recovery during adverse circumstances.

The services are part of Loudcloud’s modular services designed so that enterprise customers can choose from several options for outsourcing the daily management of their Internet site to ensure availability to end-users.

“Loudcloud’s Disaster Recovery services enable customers to continue operating their Internet business through catastrophic events,” says Tim Howes, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Loudcloud. “Enterprise companies’ Web sites hold critical data essential to running their businesses and channels of communication with customers and business partners. The Disaster Recovery services help companies protect those assets and get back to business as quickly as possible,” he explains.

Web site outages affect businesses adversely through lost sales and diminished brand reputation. In the event of a physical disaster, businesses need to have their Internet sites running with as little interruption as possible.

Loudcloud argues that while many companies find disaster recovery options cost-prohibitive, the expanded Loudcloud Disaster Recovery services offer customers flexibility through a wide range of cost and feature options which are made possible by Loudcloud’s Opsware automation technology, which helps manage the diverse set of technologies critical to Internet operations, and minimize customers’ risks in the event of site outages.

Opsware technology maintains a blueprint of each customer’s site to keep assets safe, so Loudcloud can rebuild a site in case of disaster. The new services are designed to accelerate Loudcloud’s time to rebuild and offer customers additional options to suit their businesses.

The expanded services follow:

  • Disaster Recovery Complete: This service provides a stand-by site for full geographic and system-level redundancy. Opsware technology keeps the stand-by site fully monitored and synchronized with the production site. The stand-by site is a replica of the customer’s primary staging and production environment with equivalent capacity to the primary site. The site supports high availability at all tiers, and is monitored and maintained by Opsware technology to remain consistent with the primary site.
  • Disaster Recovery Select: Designed for customers looking for recovery support but do not require 100 percent capacity in short amount of time, this service option allows customers to decide what critical applications are needed in the event of disaster without full site functionality. This option provides a stand-by site of concentrated capacity with geographic redundancy for added protection. Opsware technology keeps the stand-by site maintained, constantly monitored, and synchronized with the primary site.
  • Disaster Recovery Distributed: This entry-level option allows customers to choose to split their site into two geographically distinct data centers using existing hardware. When a physical disaster affects one site, Loudcloud turns the environment in the other data center into the full production environment. Customers can avoid costs of maintaining additional hardware and keeping software synchronized in a different data center.

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