Loudcloud Floats Its New Research Services

Managed services provider Loudcloud Tuesday says it has a brand new bag of tricks designed to help other Internet company’s reach their potential.

The new Loudcloud Research services focus on three areas: Technology Selection, Research and Integration and Loudcloud Research Labs.

The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based creation of Netscape co-founder and Mosaic wunderkind Marc Andreessen says it has the chops to give the advice. The company says its research team has spent more than 60,000 hours testing and evaluating some 200 Internet hardware, software and networking technologies.

Some of that experience has been accumulated by working with major players like FoxSports.com, Qwest Communications , and USAToday.

“With its tremendous technical expertise and accumulated evaluation knowledge, Loudcloud Research has the real-world experience to carefully evaluate critical infrastructure components for customers,” says Loudcloud Research director Sanjay Das. “Loudcloud Research’s services help enterprises cost-effectively design and manage the underlying infrastructure that power their Internet site.”

The hope is that this trio of services work a little better than the company’s last two offerings.

After a lukewarm reception for its original outsourcing services, Loudcloud Opsware automation technology, the company changed tack and began offering Loudcloud Application Management services and the Loudcloud Foundation services. Now the company is hedging bets that customers want more.

The new services show promise. The Technology Selection Services is designed to analyze any Internet infrastructure technology and show how to automate the monitoring and management. The Research and Integration Services team will work with customers to evaluate their internally developed technologies to make sure they are necessary and running efficiently.

Perhaps the most valuable of the three is the Loudcloud Research Labs, where customers can access to a lab facility to test their own equipment for performance, scalability, benchmarking and interoperability.

The company says the services are available as a suite or individually.

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