LoudCloud Hits High Note with Latest Funding

This week software infrastructure services provider LoudCloud, Inc. broke the news that it raised $120 million in its latest round of funding, bringing total funds raised over the $200 million hurdle.

Investors in this round included repeat investors Benchmark Capital and Angel Investors and also Capital Research and Management, Amerindo Investment Advisors, Aurora Technology Funds, Octane Capital Management, Charter Growth Capital and Integral Capital Partners.

Investors no doubt believe the size and quality of LoudCloud’s funding signals the market’s need for a new category of service provider.

“It is also clear that LoudCloud is seen as the company that can provide the level and quality of service the market demands of infrastructure service providers,” Andy Rachleff, a partner at Benchmark Capital.

According to
LoudCloud, Inc. , the money will help with the company’s interest in continuing the geographical and international expansion of its sales and infrastructure services.

“This funding milestone is an exciting validation of our business,” Ben Horowitz, president and chief executive officer.

LoudCloud has established alliances with hardware and software manufacturers, data center and network providers including Oracle Corp., Sun Microsystems, Inc., Exodus Inc. and EMC Software.

Just last week, the company announced its last strategic alliance with Microsoft Corporation .

This partnership is focused on providing breakthrough performance for Internet businesses.

Under this agreement, LoudCloud will support Microsoft’s products and technologies as a preferred platform for its suite of infrastructure services.

Microsoft will endorse LoudCloud’s Smart Cloud services for high-growth Internet businesses.

This relationship is interesting in itself given that Marc Andreessen, chairman, LoudCloud, is the former founder of Netscape.

Andreessen believes that Microsoft’s products are key to providing highly scalable and reliable infrastructure services to its customers.

“Our strategic alliance with Microsoft in combination with out vision of delivering best-of-bred software infrastructure as a service will enable breakthrough performance for our eBusiness customers.”

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