Loudcloud On High Alert

You have a big Web event coming up but you want to make sure that the throngs of users hitting your site won’t give you a black eye.

Managed services provider Loudcloud Tuesday says its new High Alert Service is just the thing to have to make sure Web sites will operate smoothly during a major event

Today, if an unplanned traffic spike occurs, such as a breaking story on a news Web site, Loudcloud says it can rapidly scale the site to handle the increased traffic load using its Opsware automation technology.

With the new Loudcloud High Alert Service customers can work with Loudcloud in advance of a planned event to identify potential trouble spots, stress test the site, create an action plan with a specialized team to ensure the site will run at peak performance, and follow up with post-event analysis to help measure effectiveness of the event.

The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based creation of Netscape co-founder and Mosaic wunderkind Marc Andreessen says it also has optional stress testing and analysis of the site architecture and optional deployment services to add additional hardware or networking equipment as needed to support the anticipated traffic surge.

“Our goal is for customers to be 100-percent satisfied. We are constantly creating new programs and services designed to meet our customers’ needs,” says Loudcloud executive vice president of Customer Operations and head of Loudcloud’s Customer Service Initiative. “Our customers choose to outsource with Loudcloud because we save them time and resources on their Web site operations so they can focus on running their business. The Loudcloud High Alert Service is yet another way we make customers successful.”

Loudcloud says its High Alert service is ideal for customers such as on-line movie ticket seller Fandango. With blockbuster movies such as Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones expected later this summer, Fandango says it is working with Loudcloud to prepare for movie lovers flocking to its site to pre-purchase movie tickets.

“The High Alert Service offering from Loudcloud gives me the advance planning and peace of mind I need to make sure we design and architect the site and application correctly to handle the extra traffic that comes when a big movie is about to debut,” says Fandango CTO Ed Godycki. “Loudcloud’s expertise and technology make the process a smooth effort that helps mitigate the risk that comes when a major promotion is taking place.”

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