Loudcloud Powers UK Government’s Web Presence

Managed services provider, Loudcloud Inc. today announced that the Office of the e-Envoy (OeE), part of the UK Government’s Cabinet Office, will outsource the Internet operations of ukonline.gov.uk, to the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based firm.

Ukonline.gov.uk, an important component of the UK Government’s efforts to electronically deliver all government services, will be hosted using Loudcloud’s suite of managed services powered by the firm’s Opsware automation technology.

According to the OeE, which is responsible for spearheading the government’s online agenda, the UK Online campaign’s goal is to create nation-wide access to the Internet, for everyone who wants it and to have all UK Government services electronically available by 2005.

There is also a desire to create a competitive e-commerce environment for the UK and the OeE says Ukonline.gov.uk will be instrumental in meeting these targets by providing users with a single access point to all of the UK government’s services and information.

Loudcloud says the combination of its managed services and its Opsware automation technology, used to automate the tasks associated with running a Web site, will create a reliable foundation for powering ukonline.gov.uk.

Enabled by its Opsware automation technology, Loudcloud will provide; site architecture, hardware and software selection, co-location, network connectivity, ongoing management and services, and the ability to automatically add bandwidth and services as the site grows.

According to Andrew Pinder of e-Envoy of the United Kingdom, Ukonline.gov.uk has continued to grow in popularity since its launch as a pilot last December. He says the site now receives one million ‘hits’ per week and because of its significance to the UK online campaign, it requires reliable and cost-effective Internet operations.

“Version 2 of the Web site, hosted by Loudcloud, will enable us to pilot new technologies allowing greater innovation, additional features, better navigation and improved look and feel,” says Pinder.

“We are delighted to be working with the UK Government and the Office of the e-Envoy on what we consider a highly exciting and challenging initiative,” says Ben Horowitz, CEO and president of Loudcloud.

“Ukonline.gov.uk is positioned to provide citizens with the ultimate online resource for issues and concerns affecting many aspects of transacting with government in the UK and we look forward to working with the e-Envoy team to ensure the optimum quality of their Internet operations,” he says.

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