Lucent Intros Integrated IP DSL Solution

Lucent Technologies Inc. Wednesday unveiled a new integrated IP DSL solution which it says will cut costs for service providers
deploying DSL access networks.

Based on Lucent’s Stinger DSL access concentrator platform, the integrated IP solution allows carriers to deploy DSL directly in IP
or asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) networks, or a combination of both. The typical DSL access system is designed for ATM backbones,
infrastructure that is more expensive to build out than IP infrastructure.

“The Stinger IP DSL solution gives our customers much more flexibility in deploying DSL than other ATM-only solutions in the market
today,” said Ashok Dhawan, president of the Broadband Access Group in Lucent. “The solution helps lower recurring back-haul costs by
reducing or removing the reliance on an ATM network. The solution can also help lower non-recurring costs by reducing the number of
elements that must be deployed, serviced and managed in the network.”

The Stinger IP DSL solution, available for both the Stinger FS and LS models, utilizes the new T1000 IP module to enable
carrier-class IP intelligent services. Lucent said that the T1000 can substantially reduce the number of virtual circuits that must
be managed in the network when deployed in ATM networks. The T1000 supports option 10/1000 Ethernet ports for connection to the
carrier network and provides IP edge routing functionality.

Lucent said its solution allows subscribers to be authenticated at the network edge, and supports optional virtual private network
(VPN) functionality.

The product is available for customer trials now, and Lucent said it will be generally available later this year.

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