Luminate.Net Gives Peace of Mind

Management service provider (MSP) Luminate offers customers of its Luminate.Net for Windows NT/2000 service peace of mind by providing significantly improved systems management of their Windows NT/2000 environments within days of initial use.

“Since we went live with the Luminate.Net service, we have been able to keep close watch on our Windows NT/2000 system without dedicating hours of staff time every day to analyze metrics,” said Raymond Flores, Network Services Manager, University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. “We can be more proactive in resolving problems, rather than just fire fighting all day long.”

Quickly Identifies and Solves Problems Before They Affect Users
Luminate.Net for Windows NT/2000 is an Internet-based subscription service providing problem identification, diagnosis and resolution. Luminate.Net for Windows NT/2000 detects performance issues and enables companies to find Windows NT/2000 problems before users do. The service provides analysis of a customer’s Windows NT/2000 environment, and notifies systems administrators of existing and emerging problems through a simple email HotList that facilitates early intervention.

This HotList not only identifies and prioritizes problems by severity but also adds a deep level of expert advice on the cause and resolution for each detected condition. Luminate.Net for Windows NT/2000 supports all critical performance metrics for the Windows NT/2000 infrastructure, including operating system and applications such as Microsoft IIS web Server, Exchange, and SQL Server. Users also have access to their stored historical performance data and can do trend analysis over weeks or even months – all over the Internet.

The subscription-based nature of the service eliminates the costs of installing, maintaining and upgrading traditional enterprise management software and greatly reduces the burden on IT staff. “Luminate.Net zeros in on the most important information and identifies potential trouble spots, and the monthly fee structure gives us the ability to keep our systems running smoothly without a major capital outlay,” USC’s Flores added.

“Luminate.Net fundamentally changes the way systems administrators do their jobs,” said Chris Wemmers, product line manager at Luminate. “The early customers of Luminate.Net immediately identified potential and existing performance and capacity bottlenecks that they were unaware of, allowing them to tune their environment proactively before the problems affected end users.”

Mamba for Windows NT/2000, Luminate’s award-winning real-time monitor, allows customers to get started with Luminate.Net for Windows NT/2000 in just a few minutes. Mamba is downloaded via the Internet, and provides agentless data collection once a customer subscribes to the Luminate.Net for Windows NT/2000 service. Mamba, a fully functional stand-alone product, is available free of charge. Subscriptions to Luminate.Net for Windows NT/2000 starts at $65.00 per managed Windows NT/2000 server per month.

Early customers include Dain Rauscher, Meier, NextCorp, Space Age Technology, Tangent, Texas Medical Association and University of Southern California.

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