Managemark Launches B2B Partner Program

B2B workforce management apps producer Managemark Inc. announced yesterday the launch of their B2B Partner Program.

Managemark Inc. , also the provider of expense management solution, expects its new program to allow partners to realize immediate returns by integrating marketing support, closed-loop sales support and end-user customer support.

Managemark has partnered with over 20 companies for its B2B Partner Program with hopes of reaching new audiences and providing more comprehensive services to their customers.

Greg Pickens, vice president of business development, feels the company’s offering are a fit into a range of vertical portals. “We offer a compelling value proposition to banking, travel and telco portals and B2B hubs by creating new revenue streams and extending our partners’ market image,” he said. “By removing the typical time-to market barriers, such as demand generation, sales training and customer support, our partners are able to get up and running in a matter of days and see their return.”

Managemark plans to offer its new program to B2B hubs, telco, travel and finance portals.

The program consists of two levels. For Joint Marketing partners, Managemark pays partner referral fees and frequently closes the sales loop for customers through a tracking system. For Service Providers, Managemark provides marketing, sales and customer support assistance. Service Provider levels start at $5,000 per month.

At the Service Provider level, Managemark is working with, Coolforms, ePanacea, Imago ASP Systems, Jamcracker,, PDAAMart/Softmark and PlanB Communications. At the Joint Market level, the company has agreements with Answerport, Biztone, Bizfinity, Cambridge Group, CenterBeam, Decision Technologies, Employease, Inaact, MyWebOS,, Neteos, Ockham Technologies, Sequoia and STS Hotelnet.

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