Microsoft Chooses Sonera to Provide Its Software Online

In a move that will expand its ASP business, Sonera announced yesterday its intentions to rent Microsoft software to its customers on the Internet.

Sonera is the first Finnish company to partner with Microsoft (MSN) to provide online services. The agreement covers Microsoft BackOffice and Office 2000 for selected customers.

Sonera provides advanced data communications solutions to businesses, and fixed network voice services in Finland and its nearby areas.

“The agreement with Microsoft allows us to expand the application services we provide,” Petteri Laaksonen, vice president, said. The company feels the combination of Microsoft’s expertise in technology and applications and Sonera’s ability to provide high-quality services to its customers will make this a successful partnership.

Working together, Sonera and Microsoft designed the technical platform and the service package consisting of programs and software to be rented online.

Microsoft considers Sonera one of its key partners. Not only does Sonera have a large customer base and business focus, but the company also represents the top level in the world in the development of mobile services.

Microsoft realizes that an increasing number of its customers want alternatives to buying software. Sonera rents Microsoft software online to companies that want to focus on their core business and acquire their IT services partners from partners specializing in them.

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