Microsoft, Nortel Ink Call Waiting Pact

Microsoft Corp. and Nortel Networks Corp. Thursday inked a deal to
provide MSN Net subscribers with Nortel’s Net call waiting service.

Nortel’s (NT)
service erases the need for a second phone line and allows clients to
receive phone calls while remaining connected to the Net.

The deal enables MSN customers to have caller ID and caller waiting
services via the Net without losing their connection.

The caller waiting service is now available in Atlanta, Seattle and
San Diego and subsequently will be available in 50 major cities over the
next several months.

When online, users will be notified about incoming
calls from a pop-up message with the name and number of the caller. At this
point, they may answer the call via phone or computer or click on an icon
to forward the call to a voice mail number — all without losing their Net

The current monthly fee ranges from $4.95 to $5.95, depending on location.
The service may be ordered here.

“Teaming with an industry leader like Nortel Networks provides our
customers with a reliable, easy and affordable Internet call waiting
solution and advances our Web vision by helping customers to leverage the
full power of the Internet,” said Yusuf Mehdi, director of marketing for
Microsoft’s (MSFT)
consumer and commerce group.

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