Millennia Vision Becomes Quovera

Inspired by a mysterious legend and a hands-on history lesson, Millennia Vision Thursday (Nov 9) announced that it has changed its name to Quovera. The name Quovera, based on both fact and fable, can be loosely translated as “the one who sees” or “seeing truth”.

The Quovera legend dates back to the late 15th century, during a period known as the “Age of Discovery” when intrepid explorers took to the sea, eager to chart the waters and broaden opportunity for themselves and their countries. Francisco de Borges, hailed as one of Europe’s most skilled and intrepid explorers, was known for his exploits throughout India and the Orient.

De Borges’ captain’s log has never been authenticated, though in the late 18th century, fragments from what appears to be his personal journal were discovered off the coast of Madagascar. According to these fragments, one of de Borges’ expeditions landed him on a large island in search of supplies, near what is present-day Seychelles. While out alone, de Borges fell ill with some sort of tropical fever. Delirious, he made his way further and further inland, finally losing consciousness.

De Borges awoke to find himself in a city the likes of which he had never seen before. He was amazed at the meticulous detail of several structures that rose high into the heavens. Indeed, the city’s architecture far surpassed anything he had ever encountered in Europe. What he found most surprising was the extensive use of a metal-like substance. In the alleged log, de Borges wrote, “It shimmers translucently in the light, as though dancing to a beat only it could hear.”

Enchanted by this metal, de Borges named it Quovera. He observed that, “Quovera serves as the key ingredient for both the foundation and support of all the city’s buildings. The metal appears to extend the limits of possibility in terms of architectural achievement; stretching the boundaries of both form and function. Truly, no city in all the world approaches this one in terms of innovation and daring.”

The Power of Quovera

Stories to this day tell of how de Borges returned from his disappearance with some sort of heightened intuitiveness and foresight. His crew reported that de Borges could seemingly sense events before they happened, and that his navigational abilities were so unerring, they defied belief.

Reading a historical text detailing the legend of Quovera, Austin Erlich, CEO of Millennia Vision, realized a startling coincidence. His company, founded in 1995, provides its customers with the same guiding principles and support that the legendary Quovera gave to de Borges. Now, as the Internet age’s Quovera, the company will use its e-business insight to create and manage customized solutions that help both traditional and emerging companies successfully establish themselves within a highly competitive marketplace.

“Our goal is to help our clients navigate through the complexities of the e-business economy, giving them the momentum they need to outpace their rivals and thrive in their industries,” said Erlich. “Our full solution approach integrates proven e-products with an ASP infrastructure to provide our clients best-in-class products and services based on their individual needs, yet with one common end result — lower costs, faster time-to-market and increased value.”

Quovera is a Full Solution Partner (FSP) that builds and manages e-businesses for companies spanning Fortune 1000, high growth middle and emerging markets. By focusing on vertical industries, Quovera creates and leverages its e-products and ASP offerings to define, deliver and manage e-business solutions that speed time-to-market and create value for its clients. Quovera has completed more than 300 projects for over 180 clients, including industry leaders such as Apple, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, Toyota, Nortel Networks and Cisco Systems, and innovative high-growth companies such as Lucasfilm Ltd.,

Handspring, Geocast, and VeriSign.

In September, Quovera secured $27 million in a round of financing led by GE Equity and Venture Strategy.

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