MimEcom Becomes Totality

MimEcom Corp., a leading provider of Application and Infrastructure Management (AIM) services for e-businesses, announced Thursday (Dec 14) the company has changed its name to Totality Corp.

“The decision to change our company name was driven by the increasing need to distinguish our offering from the many point solution providers in the market that focus on a single management concern such as remote site monitoring or security management,” said Darl Davidson, CEO of Totality. “The new brand, Totality, helps to convey the depth of our services, which include complete site architecture and management of all tiers of an e-business system from the network layer to the application layer.”

This new corporate identity emphasizes the company’s focus on providing comprehensive infrastructure services including site architecture, deployment and ongoing 24×7 site management and operations. Totality also introduced enhanced services, AuditWare, TurboWare and ManageWare Plus for existing business-critical sites.

AuditWare allows complete site audit and review to assess performance, capacity and operational issues. The solution includes proposed enhancements to bridge the gap between system shortcomings and e-business goals. TurboWare is a site optimization and site stabilization tool to maximize application and infrastructure performance and reliability. ManageWare Plus offers basic site management including availability management. Optionally available add-on services include change management, asset management, capacity management and security management.

Through standardization and automation techniques, Totality’s BuildWare solution provides customers with faster site architecture and deployment while still enabling a high degree of customization to meet customer needs. Totality’s complete outsourced solution, ManageWare Premium, provides 24×7 site management and operations at significantly lower costs than in-house site operations. It also includes change management, asset management, capacity management and security management. Totality services both companies with new e-business initiatives and those with existing sites.

Totality partners with system integrators, leading technology providers and data centers serving as a single point of contact for infrastructure deployment and management. This enables rapid site updates and efficient resolution of business-critical system issues. Totality is located in eight locations around the United States and its European operation is based in London.

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