MindSpring, KNOLOGY Connect with Two-Way Cable Modem Service

Internet service provider MindSpring Enterprises, Inc. announced
it will offer Internet access using a true two-way cable
modem to customers of communications firm KNOLOGY Holdings, Inc.

Under terms of the agreement, MindSpring is purchasing broadband Internet
local transport on KNOLOGY’s network, which it then uses to connect its
customers to the MindSpring network. Financial specifics were not disclosed.

MindSpring’s customers who choose the new service will have to be in a
location served by KNOLOGY’s network. Access to KNOLOGY’s services will
also be available to these customers, the companies said.
In addition to providing Internet access, KNOLOGY said it also offers its
customers cable and digital television and local and long distance
telephone services.

According to the companies, existing cable modem services typically receive
only inbound information through the cable provider’s coaxial system. The
technology deployed by MindSpring uses KNOLOGY’s high capacity, two-way
interactive hybrid fiber-coaxial cable network for all transmissions,
instead of the standard modem, which uses the public switched telephone

Service will initially be available in Montgomery, Ala., and Columbus, Ga.,
followed by Panama City, Fla., Augusta, Ga., and Charleston, S.C, according
to the firms.

“This agreement will let MindSpring use KNOLOGY’s local transport network
to provide our customers with high bandwidth, always-on connectivity to the
Internet,” said Charles Brewer, MindSpring’s
chairman and CEO. “The combination of KNOLOGY’s state-of the-art network
and MindSpring’s proven
strengths in pleasing Internet access customers will be fantastic for
Internet users in these cities.”

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