MindSpring Rolls Out ADSL to California, Texas

MindSpring Enterprises Inc. Wednesday said it will introduce a consumer Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line service to markets in California and Texas.

Working with Covad Communications, the rollout will offer customers in the Southwest high-speed Internet access using copper phone wires. It provides a high-speed connection that is secure, “always on,” and offers data transfer speeds of up to 1-megabit per second, 50 times faster than a traditional 28.8 K modem. The service is scheduled to launch in the fall.

In May, MindSpring announced similar service in Atlanta, also set to launch in the fall. Wednesday’s announcement marks the first ADSL roll out in the Southwest, MindSpring said. The company plans to expand its ADSL network in the future.

“MindSpring’s new ADSL service will give consumers in California and Texas a choice in how they receive high-speed access to the Internet,” said Jim Anderson, MindSpring’s group product manager for fast access.

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