MindSpring to Offer ADSL Access In BellSouth’s Territory

MindSpring Enterprises Inc.
customers in Atlanta will have the opportunity to utilize Asynchronous
Digital Subscriber Line access to the Internet by this fall.

The nationwide Internet service provider Thursday announced its initial plans to rollout MindSpring ADSL service in the Southeast.

MindSpring and BellSouth
Telecommunications Inc.
have entered into an agreement allowing for
the ISP to provide its access over BellSouth’s ADSL network.

“This is an exciting first step toward enabling our customers to experience
the broadband future of the Internet,” said Mike McQuary, president of
MindSpring Enterprises.

“MindSpring is committed to offering our customers a high speed Internet
access service that is
affordable and is backed by our award-winning customer service and support.”

MindSpring plans to begin limited technical trials of the ADSL service soon
and expects to launch metropolitan Atlanta service early in the fall. The
rollout schedule for MindSpring’s ADSL service to other cities within
BellSouth’s territory will be determined during the Atlanta trial period.

“ADSL customers will be better equipped to experience the next generation
of broadband web content, allowing faster downloads of audio, video, and
interactive text,” said Erika Jolly, Mindspring’s vice president of consumer products.

MindSpring’s ADSL customers will still be able to access MindSpring’s
dialup network for narrowband local Internet access from 775 cities

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