Solves the Cache Problem

Hosted Web analysis service provider today unveiled its new “cache-busting” technology in the SuperStats traffic monitoring and analytics software, designed to eliminate Web traffic undercounts resulting from cached Web pages.

“Many Web sites significantly undercount their Web traffic numbers,” said Brett Error, chief technology officer of “’s ‘cache-busting’ technology helps solve this problem, and offers businesses the world’s most accurate Web analysis available today.”

Caching describes the process that Internet architects employ to keep Web sites running quickly by storing frequently visited Web content locally or on a proxy server. When visitors return to a cached Web page, the page is able to load faster than if it had to be resent over the Internet.

The caching process, however, can dramatically affect Web site usage statistics since a visitor may view a Web site without being detected by the original Web server. In fact, in a test that involved more than 200,000 different Web sites, found that caching caused up to 60 percent of total page views to go unrecorded using traditional methods.

SuperStats, on the other hand, uniquely allows Web site managers to track every time a page is viewed regardless if the page content has been cached or not, unlike some remotely hosted solutions or log file analysis software.

“Through rigorous testing and browser technology analysis, SuperStats maintains superior data accuracy no matter where or how Web content is cached,” Error said. “’s high-profile clients demand unflinching precision, and SuperStats is able to meet their needs without compromising the privacy or security of their Web sites and without exorbitant costs or unmanageable software updates.”

Founded in 1996, privately held is headquartered in Orem, Utah.

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