Netcom Unveils Netscape-Powered E-Mail Services

Netcom On-Line Communication Services announced today it has joined with Netscape Communications Corporation to offer customers enhanced e-mail services based on Netscape SuiteSpot Hosting Edition.

Netcom reports it will use SuiteSpot Hosting Edition server software to build a scaleable messaging solution to deliver advanced message functionality and become a virtual mail system provider.

Under today’s agreement, Netcom announced it will also use the Netscape Messaging Server Hosting Edition component of SuiteSpot Hosting Edition to host e-mail services for its customers.

“Teaming with Netscape accelerates Netcom’s strategy to deliver virtual IT department services for small businesses,” said Mike Kallet, senior vice president, products, technology and business development for Netcom. “Netscape SuiteSpot Hosting Edition provides Netcom with the ability to offer advanced mail capability to all of our customers.”

“As with our number-one rated Web hosting service already in existence, we will add value by hosting the mail systems of small and medium-size
companies so they won’t have to incur the expense of buying a LAN-based E-mail nor administer computer servers.”

Netcom added that it plans to integrate Netscape SuiteSpot servers into all of its dial-up, hosting, and dedicated line services.

The San Jose, CA-based Internet service provider said its E-mail hosting service is scheduled for availability by mid-1998.

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