Netscape Hosts New Solutions

Netscape Communications
is the latest company to offer new hosting solutions for ISPs, as
it announced today new products and alliances to augment service to its ISP

New products unveiled today include Netscape
Messaging Server 4.0 Hosting Edition host software, Netscape Delegated
Administrator, a directory-based management application, and a Web-based
e-mail program, Netscape Messenger Express 4.0.

Netscape said its hosting solution is designed to offer an ISP or telco
value-added services it can deliver to its customers, as well as the
opportunity to
expand its customer base.

The communications firm also announced that more than 75 ISPs and telcos
worldwide are deploying hosted Internet and intranet services based on
Netscape’s server software. Companies include Bell Canada Emergis, Fabrik,
France Telecom, Interpath, Kenya Post and Telecoms, KPN Telecom, Netcom,
SwissCom and Telstra.

The Messaging Server 4.0 Hosting Edition is expected to ship in the
fourth quarter, while the others are expected to be available in the first
quarter of 1999. These products will be added to its SuiteSpot Hosting
Edition, Netscape stated.

With today’s announcement, ISPs now have a slew of companies to choose from
for hosting solutions. Yesterday, both Hewlett-Packard and its subsidiary
Verifone announced new solutions for ISPs as well.

“Netscape’s next-generation hosting solution will enable the world’s
largest service providers to deploy value-added services
such as Web-based e-mail, unified messaging, hosted intranets and
business-to-business e-commerce,” said John Paul, senior
vice president and general manager of the server product division at

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