NetZero Employs GoTo Search Tool

Internet service provider NetZero Inc. Thursday
employed Inc. as its keyword search provider.

As part of the agreement, will provide its 7 million custom
search listings to NetZero’s users to assist them in finding information

For customer ease, GoTo will be featured on NetZero’s on-screen
navigational tool as well as on its home page, according to Brian Woods,
senior vice president and chief marketing officer, NetZero.

“The search function is the most frequently accessed tool on our start
page,” he said. “Therefore, it is essential for us to offer our users a
leading provider with highly-targeted listings.

“GoTo’s innovative approach to delivering quality, relevant search
results will provide our users with the products, services and information
they’re looking for on the Internet,” he said. “Adding GoTo to our start
page is just one more way that we continue to enhance our users’ online

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