New Functionality For’s Analytics Software, the Oren, Utah-based Web analytics ASP yesterday announced that users of its SuperStats Enterprise 7.0 application for monitoring and analyzing Web site traffic and return on investment (ROI), can now streamline and automate access to frequently viewed Web traffic reports through its new Bookmarks and Scheduled Reports feature. says the new Bookmark and Scheduling tools reduce the time required to access reports and the firm demonstrated the potential cost savings for users, provided by this functionality, through analyzing several of SuperStats’ largest customers.

According to this internal review, the Bookmarks feature can potentially save customers more than $130,000 per year, and the Scheduled Reports an estimated $150,000 per year.

“SuperStats not only eliminates the need for businesses to analyze individual log files, rely on IT departments or depend on static software, it also improves the bottom line for business analysts by optimizing how they obtain data and reports,” says Josh James, chief executive of

“In the end, employing Web analytics without bookmarks is like using browsers without ‘favorites,'” he adds.

The firm explains that Bookmarks streamlines report retrieval through organizing favorite or popular reports in personal folders, saving users time because custom settings are saved for subsequent viewing.

Similarly, the Scheduled Reports feature enables users to automate the delivery of their reports by via e-mail .

“Report Bookmarks and Scheduled Reports automate analysis, eliminate human error and provide additional convenience,” James says.

“Reports can now be ‘pushed’ to the user. The user doesn’t need to remember to generate a report every week or every month because it can be sent to their e-mail inbox automatically,” he continues.

Bigstep, a one-stop source for building and managing Web sites and customer of’s Bookmarks and Scheduled Reports functionality.

Andrew Beebe, chairman at Bigstep says: “SuperStats Enterprise 7.0 gives Bigstep the tools we need not only to measure the success of our e-business accurately and further improve our overall return on investment, but also to gather data and Web reports in a simple and flexible manner.”

“The time and money we save using the new Bookmarks and Scheduled Reports features is critical to efficiently analyzing our Web traffic and audience.”

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