New Groupware For Project Task Management

Ivesia Solutions Inc. announced the release of WATS, a proprietary Web-based work allocation and tracking system. This custom-built product will maximize efficiency in development teams through optimized team interaction and systematic tracking of project tasks. WATS features include, among others, project planning, resource allocation, task management, customized team member interaction and bug tracking.

Ivesia uses third-party tools for project tasks such as database design and object modeling. However, the company’s managers felt the need to develop a custom-built project management solution for additional features and benefits not found in existing products. The new product complements and extends Ivesia’s custom software development methodology and practices. “The WATS system will improve efficiency, speed up completion of projects being developed in multiple locations, and provide Ivesia clients with a simple way to interact with developers and monitor the progress of their software development projects,” said Senraj Soundararajan, President and Chief Systems Architect of Ivesia Solutions Inc.

WATS functions as a workgroup solution. Since it is a Web-based product, Ivesia team members and clients based in different locations across the world can access it. The system employs tight security to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of project data. At the same time, it presents an intuitive and powerful interface for team members to use.

The product is designed for all levels of technical personnel from the CEO down to the junior developer. The solution is intended to enable project managers to manage resources more efficiently, and in strategic planning at top levels of the company, optimize project performance and improve communication among team members.

Clients hire Ivesia to be their custom software development team, or have Ivesia become an extension of an existing development team. WATS becomes an easy-to-use project management and facilitation tool that enables Ivesia clients to interact with the onshore or offshore development teams of Ivesia.

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