New Jersey AG Back To MySpace For More, Again

New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram has subpoenaed MySpace, again, for the names and addresses of sex offenders using the social network, David Wald, a spokesman for Milgram’s office, told

Wald told that the 29,000 sex offenders MySpace deleted last week was enough to make Milgram curious, and Wald said her office subsequently filed the latest subpoena.

The attorney general anticipates MySpace’s response to the latest subpoena will raise the total number of New Jersey sex offenders who allegedly violated parole by using MySpace to 248.
Those individuals are now subject to investigation.

It’s not the first time this summer Milgram has asked for such
information from the News Corp. property. Or the second.

On May 21 the New Jersey Attorney General’s office sent its first
subpoena to MySpace, demanding the social network disclose the names,
e-mail addresses and IP address of any convicted sex-offenders who
have joined the site.

MySpace responded with full disclosure. But that information revealed that over half of the New Jersey sex offenders signed up
with MySpace were possibly violating terms of parole or probation.

Milgram decided to investigate that possible crime, a spokesman for
the attorney general’s office told

But before proceeding, Milgram wanted a complete list of suspects to
hand over to the State Parole Board and to Probation Services. So on
June 29, Milgram’s office issued another subpoena.

And again, on July 11, MySpace responded with full disclosure.

And then on July 25, MySpace Chief Security Officer Hemanshu Nigam
announced that that MySpace had deleted another 29,000 sex offender member profiles from its network, which prompted the latest New Jersey move.

MySpace did not respond to requests for comment.

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