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Start-up entertainment and software content company yesterday launched its Web site and released details about Filmnexus, its collaborative, Web-based filmmaking software suite.

Nextpix.comwas founded in February, relying on private investors. According to Don Thompson, chief executive officer, the company is going for some venture capital money, but has none committed yet.

“We realized there was not a lot happening in film in terms of leveraging technology with the influx of the digital camera and the Web,” Thompson told ASP-News. “We wanted to put together a suite of software by taking some of the technology found in high-end systems and make it available to a wider audience of filmmakers.”

Thompson admits that the company is out of the gate very quickly. “But we feel very confident-we have a great team with background in film and the Internet,” he said. “We’re addressing a specific area that hasn’t been focused on-not a lot is happening on the production side.”

Filmnexus is an ASP-based software suite that provides and supports the ability to conceive, script, budget, schedule, produce and manage the content of media projects over the Internet.

“We’d like to be the AOL for filmmakers-a one-stop solution for film,” Thompson said.

Thompson told ASP-News that the company toyed around with different delivery models before settling on using an ASP model. “We feel strongly that the ASP model is the best way to go,” he said. “We will be completely server based and will provide hooks into applications, accepting them as input, but won’t get into the editing of solutions.”

According to Thompson, has not yet finalized the pricing model. “It will be very reasonable and based on a per user, per month schedule,” he said.

The potential audience for Filmnexus is the traditional filmmaker world, new media and independent filmmakers.

“We see a lot of potential innovation,” Thompson said. “Everything from a fusion of film and television production techniques, to Real Time and Live Cinema, to location-independent production.”

Filmnexus will be released during the fourth quarter of this year. plans to demo the release of the software at Digital Hollywood in September.

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