Nokia, Adobe GoLive For Wireless Web

The wireless Web got a big boost Tuesday as two well-known tech companies joined forces on Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).

The deal between Finnish phone giant Nokia and Adobe Systems focuses on Nokia Developer’s Suite, a new wireless authoring module for Adobe GoLive 6.0 that can let designers and developers create and adapt Web content for Nokia mobile phones.

Developed by Nokia and supporting the Symbian operating system, the companies say it is the first visual authoring application for MMS wireless technology. The Suite for MMS using Adobe GoLive 6.0 is now available as a free download.

Nokia’s MMS technology uses WAP for transporting messages from the MMSC (MMS Control Center) to the mobile devices, and vice versa.

Adobe said GoLive, in conjunction with the Nokia Developer’s Suite for MMS, streamlines the content production process by allowing us to visually author SMIL content and MMS message components, as well as prepare messages for over-the-air delivery.

San Jose, Calif.-based Web publishing software giant entered the mobile market recently with the introduction of the Acrobat Reader for Palm OS and Pocket PC. Adobe GoLive 6.0 is a key part of the content creation process for the Web and wireless devices, and is compatible with Acrobat, After Effects, Illustrator, InDesign, LiveMotion, Photoshop 7.0, and Adobe Premiere.

Inside GoLive 6.0 is a site management and collaboration tool known as a Web Workgroup Server. The technology allows between five and 20 users to track changes, and share and manage files. It also offers version control and side-by-side comparison capabilities, including the ability to rollback to previous versions. The Web Workgroup Server supports the standard WebDAV-enabled applications.

“The merging of rich media and wireless devices is a vital component of Nokia’s strategy, and new standards such as MMS mean mobile users will have access to increasingly richer personalized content regardless of time and place,” said Jouko Hayrynen, vice president, Forum Nokia. “Now, with Adobe GoLive and the Nokia Developer’s suite for MMS, developers and content creators will be able to generate wireless content as a natural part of the service creation cycle.”

The two companies are demonstrating the technology at the Symbian Developer Expo in London this week.

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