Novell Intros OnDemand Net Services Software

Novell, Inc. yesterday announced Novell OnDemand Services, allowing service providers to offer goods and services to their subscribers over the Web on a for-fee basis.

In what could be labeled a significant announcement from once-leading networking vendor, this further extends Novell’s strategy to support Net-resident application delivery as initially outlined in prior months

In February, Novell introduced software and partnerships that would make e-business more simple and secure for all kinds and sizes of organizations. That announcement also highlights the company’s market focus on Net services software.

In March, the company unveiled a comprehensive new architecture that delivers on its Net services software strategy of securing and powering Net-based business. This marked the start of all Novell products being mapped against an architectural model code-named DENIM (Directory-enabled Net Infrastructure Model). This model focuses on customer-centric framework for deploying directory-enabled products and services, from both Novell and its industry partners.

This also marks the first strong public announcement of Novell’s Internet Commercial Service Provider (ICSP) scheme for service providers which includes pay-as-you go licensing terms.

Service provider members of Novell’s ICSP program will be able to obtain licenses to Novell OnDemand Services after June 30. Available on a per user per month basis, the fees are only assessed as end-users actually consume services or content through Novell On-Demand Services.

Content such as software, music, documents and video, as well as access to virtually any physical, digital or intellectual property may be managed using OnDemand.

OnDemand also bridges traditional boundaries by providing access to a wide range of Net services software, applications and content over the Internet through a standard Web browser.

According to Dave Shirk, senior vice president of product management, OnDemand is designed to give service providers a significant, sustainable advantage over their competitor.

“As the service provider market continues to grow, the winners in that market will be defined by the range of value-added services they can offer to their customers,” Shirk said. “With that in mind, OnDemand provides simple, secure access to virtually any content, service or application.”

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