Now What Would You Pay?

Saying that it is passing on its efficiency to help customers save money, managed hosting provider Advanced Internet Technologies today announced that it is offering a $99 per month price for customers who want collocated servers for better back-up, security and speed in hosting.

“It is our way to introduce customers to the value of taking advantage of collocated servers,” said Clarence Briggs, AIT’s chairman and CEO. AIT claims that the $99 price is 100 percent lower than its competition.

The collocated servers will be managed by Fayettteville, N.C.-based AIT subsidiary DigiVerge in a 20,000 square foot data center on the bottom floor of the company’s headquarters. “We have built out a state-of-the-art all fiber network and backed it with unparalleled security,” said DigiVerge CEO, Greg Gatti. “Several of our personnel have top secret clearances and we take security very seriously with digital, electronic and physical safeguards in place.”

Gatti isn’t exaggerating when he talks about the focus on security. AIT was described in an October 25th article in The Wall Street Journal as having “employees dressed all in black, barbed-wire fencing on the perimeter and a munitions closet within easy reach.”

In addition to the fortress-like security, the data center is staffed 24/7 with personnel trained in networking and systems management.

AIT says the current offer represents an opportunity to leverage its success in the shared and dedicated hosting arenas. “For too long, customers have been gouged by companies who’ve passed along the cost of their extravagances,” said Briggs. “We’re doing the opposite — passing along the result of efficiency and quality service, backed by a stable company.”

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