NTT Partners To Deliver Web Services

Joining the ranks of companies preparing for the imminent take-off of Web services, Nippon Telephone and Telegraph Corp. , the Tokyo-based telecommunications firm, today announced a strategic partnership with Kinzan Inc., a Carlsbad, Calif-provider of Web services technology for the extended enterprise.

Like many other firm’s NTT is anticipating that Web Services will become the universal standard for integrating and sharing business processes, so its strategy is to provide services to its enterprise customers, allowing them to better interoperate with their partners, suppliers and customers.

“NTT is committed to delivering expanded services to its customers that will help them do business more effectively with their customers, partners and suppliers.

“Our partnership with Kinzan is a cornerstone of this strategy,” says Seiichi Ido, Associate Senior Vice President, Executive Director, NTT Information Sharing Laboratory Group.

“With Kinzan’s Web Services capabilities, we will enable NTT’s Group companies and their customers to use the Internet to easily share information and business processes both internally and between separate organizations,” he explains.

Kinzan’s Web Services Application Framework is designed so that business users can more easily manage business processes online by assembling their own Web Services applications and sharing processes within and among organizations.

Kinzan explains that its Application Framework is an infrastructure layer of software that runs on top of e-business infrastructure including both application and database servers, to enables the easy creation and management of Web Services applications and easy,

It includes a portal framework, component framework, library of artifacts, pre-assembled components, adapters into legacy systems such as SAP and Siebel, and tools for design, development, testing and deploying Adaptive Web Services, which Kinzan says can significantly reduce integration costs and accelerate the design, development and use of e-business applications based on Web Services technologies.

“With Kinzan as our strategic partner, NTT will provide easy-to-use services that enable the sharing of information and processes across companies,” said Hirokazu Ohnishi, Executive Director, NTT Information Sharing Platform Laboratories.

“The partnership with Kinzan represents the first time NTT has worked so closely with a private, venture-backed U.S. technology company in one of its core strategic areas,” he explains.

Gari Cheever, chief executive officer of Kinzan Inc., says the firm is pleased to support NTT’s Web Services vision and to help their enterprise customers interoperate more effectively: “Together, Kinzan and NTT will provide the necessary capabilities to empower businesses to use the Internet to manage dynamic business processes within and across their extended enterprises,” he says.

It is expected that the combined NTT and Kinzan Web Services technologies will be deliverable to the NTT Group Companies and other service providers in Japan early in 2002 and that Kinzan will also work directly with these companies and other Japanese system integration firms to commercialize these Web Services capabilities.

As part of the continues relationship, Kinzan will offer its related capabilities, tools, adapters and components in Japan through Kinzan Japan, its partnership with Mitsubishi Corp.

Kinzan says it it is also working closely with NTT to create additional standards for Web services, such as the standardization of the combined Kinzan and NTT technology for use by other large international telecommunications companies and other service providers.

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