oCen Launches CommPortal Corporate Communications Solution

oCen Communications, an Internet communications services provider in Asia and North America, today announced it has launched its signature product, oCen CommPortal, a unified communications tool that enables corporate users to leverage the latest technology and communication methods through the use of a single interface. oCen CommPortal allows users to aggregate their contacts in a powerful directory, view their contacts’ availability, and reach them through the most expedient communication media, including phone-to-phone telephony, phone-to-phone conference calling, PC-based phone calling, text messaging, text conferencing, wireless SMS messaging, and web conferencing.

oCen CommPortal, developed in partnership with Oz.com and HearMe, is designed to unify and simplify corporate communications. oCen CommPortal offers a “converged” communications productivity solution by harnessing the power of both Internet Protocol and public switched telephone networks. With quality-of-service capabilities built right into the network architecture, oCen CommPortal unleashes the full potential of internetworking and application convergence.

With an easy-to-use, point-and-click interface that Oz.com developed, the oCen CommPortal Directory allows users to easily invite, store, and manage their contacts. oCen CommPortal also empowers users with features such as FindMe/FollowMe and dynamic toll-free relationship management. Through its user-friendly interface, oCen CommPortal users can create profiles that indicate when, where, and how they want to be reached at any time. Users are also equipped with the ability to grant their contacts CommPortal Global Toll-Free Access, which entitles their contacts to reach them through a variety of mechanisms anywhere in the world for free.

oCen CommPortal lets the user keep all contacts in one simple, easy-to-use directory; control contact information through the profile; control how others contact the user; keep the user’s own information invisible to contacts; schedule phone calls to follow the user to any phone number anywhere in the world; offer contacts the ability to call the user for free; and segregate contacts and define who is allowed to contact the user at any time and/or what times the user is available.

Founded in 1997, Irwindale, California-based oCen Communications, Inc. is a global provider of Internet Protocol-based communications services to carriers and corporations. oCen operates both hosted communications services and a managed Internet Protocol network connecting Asia and the United States, leveraging interconnect agreements with leading carriers. oCen is committed to introducing and offering competitive, high-quality integrated, real-time, and enhanced communications services. The company developed and markets oCen CommPortal, an integrated, Internet-based suite of Internet Protocol telephony and enhanced communication services to corporate customers.

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