Onyx Launches CRMExpress

CRM software vendor Onyx Software Corp. on Monday unveiled CRMExpress, a package of Onyx Enterprise CRM software licenses and implementation services, available for a single fixed fee with rapid implementation.

“Much of what is termed ‘affordable CRM’ is either Outlook on steroids, missing key features like customer and partner access or provides zero flexibility at implementation,” said Ben Kiker, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Onyx Software. “Attracting and keeping customers takes more than a temporary band-aid, and Onyx CRMExpress gives customers a great solution that can meet their immediate needs while providing a platform capable of supporting additional customer lifecycle activities.”

The package is designed for mid-sized enterprises and departments within larger enterprises looking to address a specific area of need in an immediate and affordable fashion. It includes 50 seats of the Onyx Employee Portal application for $199,000, including implementation, and is available exclusively to new customers. In addition to a core set of implementation services, the package also includes a flexible spending allocation that allows customers to choose additional services that will help optimize the solution for their environment.

“In the mid-enterprise market in particular, organizations are choosing to do smaller, more focused CRM implementations,” said Sheryl Kingstone of Yankee Group. “They’re looking for more immediate return on investment, and they’re putting the onus on the vendor to prove that they can deliver real business value before investing huge amounts of money. Packages like CRM Express from Onyx give customers the opportunity to judge not only the vendor’s product, but their own ability to implement and manage an effective CRM initiative.”

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