Openwave Taps iBasis for Hosted Messaging

IP-based communication infrastructure provider Openwave Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: OPWV) today announced that it will no longer host its unified messaging solution for customers, instead handing those operations over to Internet-based voice communications provider iBasis Inc. (Nasdaq: IBAS).

The company will receive licensing fees from iBasis for the use of the Openwave Unified Messaging software. The company touts the move as a way to free up valuable Openwave resources that can be redeployed to focus on the company’s core product software business, including communications services such as email and unified messaging.

“We have broadened our relationship with iBasis so that our customers have the power of choice – the option to license the Openwave Unified Messaging solution directly from Openwave or to procure it via an ASP model through iBasis,” said Marc Linden, group vice president of Openwave. “By transitioning our ASP operation, we are able to focus our resources on our core product software business and ensure that all of our customers continue to get the best possible solution for their Unified Messaging business needs.”

Under the terms of the agreement, iBasis has assumed ownership of 20 Openwave service centers, including a data center in Santa Clara, California, and 19 other service facilities in the US and Canada. Communication Service Providers using the Openwave ASP Unified Messaging solution have been transitioned to iBasis, which has integrated the Openwave Unified Messaging application into its VoCore solution.

iBasis became an Openwave global ASP partner in January 2001, when iBasis’ VoCore solution was extended with services based on Openwave’s unified messaging offering, offering hosted communications services including email, voicemail, faxmail, mobile phone synchronization and personal contact management.

Founded in 1996, Burlington, Mass.-based iBasis delivers toll quality international voice services and provides the infrastructure for hosted communications solutions, including messaging and speech-enabled content, e-commerce and customer service applications. iBasis’ hosted, enhanced service solutions include SpeechPort, a scalable, customizable ASP environment for speech-enabled business solutions, VoCore messaging and the IP CallCard pre- and post-paid calling card platform.

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