Oracle Expands Relationship With Conxion

Managed hosting supplier Conxion Corp. Monday said it has inked a distribution deal to help Oracle put its Oracle9i documents and software in the hands of its developers.

The two companies already have a long-standing relationship dating back a few years. This time around, Santa Clara, Calif.-based Conxion Corp. said it is now using its HotRoute Digital Delivery Network (DDN) to help power Oracle’s Technology Network (OTN).

Conxion has a large storage area network (SAN) supporting many of its customers. For Oracle, Conxion said it directly allocated six terabytes of storage to hold more than one thousand software titles, which Oracle currently supplies on CDs.

All content will be distributed from Conxion’s network, which Oracle already uses to manage the electronic delivery of many of its software titles, including the Oracle9i Database.

The DDN also supports the Oracle E-Business Network (EBN) and Oracle University Online Learning. The EBN content includes programming related to Oracle product seminars and presentations. Oracle University Online Learning offers classroom-simulated training for a number of Oracle products and services.

“Using Conxion’s secure network for digital delivery of Oracle9i has been extremely successful and cost-effective, so we are pleased to be moving our software and related documentation to that model,” said Oracle senior director of Web Services and Global IT Campbell Webb. “We believe our customers will find this method much more convenient than having to manage multiple CDs, and this also reduces our manufacturing and shipping costs.”

Conxion, which competes with other hosting providers such as Akamai , has long maintained that its “core” delivery technology is faster than any “edge” legacy content delivery networks or CDNs currently on the market.

The company said the technology has helped it better serve major customers such as Microsoft , Symantec , Seagate, Visa and Oracle.

Conxion said it has been rolling out the digital delivery since June 1, 2002 with great results.

“Oracle has always been ahead of the curve in using the Internet to reduce costs and improve business performance, and this further validates Conxion’s high capacity network-centric DDN strategy – which can accelerate any application, using any OS from any data center,” said Conxion’s founder and CEO Antonio Salerno. “By the end of this year I think we’ll see many large software companies, as well as music and movie studios, emulating Oracle’s decision to go with digital delivery rather than make and ship physical CDs or DVD’s. Conxion’s ability to allow the customer to use the server/OS of their choice, plus allow them root access, at any data center, is something closed Linux box systems can’t do.”

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