Outsource The ‘Submit’ Button.

Looking to capitalize on the often-prohibitive cost of custom Web programming, Sunnyvale-based Instantis announced a new hosted software service today that purports to take on everything sitting behind an eCommerce engine’s ‘Submit’ button.

The new “SiteWand” service, which users can customize directly at Instantis’ site, acts as a third party data collection tool that can capture customer information directly into a database, send automated personalized customer email responses and notify appropriate internal contacts, all at the instant the “Submit” button is clicked. The service is fully hosted by Instantis, and requires only a small software installation.

Prasad Raje, CEO at Instantis, says the service can also handle lead management, customer support requests, resume submission and routing, and practically any other information management service a little business could dream of.

“Companies need to leverage their Web sites to enable easy access to interactions by customers, or anyone else, even as their business processes are created or changed — without a development cycle taking weeks or months,” says Raje. “SiteWand ensures that businesses can instantly build and deploy complete Web applications at an affordable cost that eliminates the maintenance, scalability and security problems that inhibit these mission-critical processes.”

With initial funding from JK&B Capital and Goldman Sachs, Instantis has already inked partnership deals with broadband communication provider XO Communications, eFinance software and Web-based service provider Intuit and Web site development and hosting service provider Netopia. SiteWand’s applications will be offered in conjunction with the Web site development/hosting services already provided by these companies.

“Businesses increase the value of their eCommerce sites by being able to quickly address the needs of site visitors,” says Robert McCullough, senior analyst in Hurwitz Group‘s Services and Sourcing Strategies group. “Enabling eBusinesses to instantly add or change interactive Web applications with sophisticated workflow and personalized email communications whenever their business needs require gives site visitors better, faster online experience, that can enhance their satisfaction with the business. Instantis accomplishes this at unprecedented speed, giving eBusinesses a competitive advantage, whether it’s a response to an inquiry or confirmation on event registration.”

Homeowners.com found the service appealing when it was looking for a way to manage the leads generated from its home loan applications site. Information inquiries on the site are automatically entered into the SiteWand database once an online form is completed at Homeowners.com. A pre-selected loan officer is then notified by email of the new applicants’ information and the requested follow-up.

“Instantis has identified exactly what Web sites like ours need to power eBusiness and has executed it flawlessly,” says Dick Lepre, president and CTO of Homeowners.com. “I easily set it up and now Instantis is a very powerful and valuable addition to our site that is crucial to our success in effectively managing our large database of customers.”

Beginning Monday, December 11, 2000, a free 30-day trial of SiteWand will be offered through Instantis’ Web site.

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