Peakstone Unveils Managed Services

Performance management ASP Peakstone Corp. Tuesday (March 27) unveiled a set of managed services within its eAssurance Internet service assurance suite.

The three new eAssurance service offerings – Infrastructure Service Assurance, Business Service Assurance, and Business Plan Assurance – aim to ensure Web application infrastructure service quality, optimize infrastructure capacity utilization, and reduce operational costs and risks.

Infrastructure Service Assurance provides IT professionals with the key metrics of traffic, capacity utilization and service quality, and the real-time relationship between the three. “Other companies can show one of these three in a historical nature, but no one can show all three in real time,” Tom Buiocchi, Peakstone VP marketing, told ASP News.

Business Service Assurance is a tool for taking business objectives and enforcing them on the site. For example, a company could decide that it always wants a 2-second response time with 25-percent available headroom, or a 1-second response for its platinum customers and a 2-second response for gold customers. A priority could be placed on protecting the response time of buyers and letting browsers of the site experience a slight slow-down. “It’s a way to link business requirements to your IT infrastructure,” Buiocchi said.

Business Plan Assurance deals with lifecycle issues, helping a company to plan ahead for a future application deployment or to plan for expected or unexpected capacity needs.

Peakstone has no plans to stop offering its packaged software services, launched in October. “It’s about an even split between companies that want the packaged version compared to the managed service. It depends on the size of their IT staff and their needs,” Buiocchi said.

Peakstone also announced today a signed worldwide reseller agreement with Exodus Communications (Nasdaq:EXDS). Under terms of the agreement, Exodus will market Peakstone eAssurance managed services to its customer base worldwide.

“This is a huge partnership for us,” Buiocchi said. “To have access to a channel that can get our managed services to hundreds of thousands of customers is a major step.”

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