PeopleSoft Continues to Lay Claim to Leadership

PeopleSoft announced today that its eBusiness applications are the most widely hosted in the ASP industry with more than 125 customers.

Focusing now on its partners as opposed to its direct customer base, the PeopleSoft ASP Channel Partner Program totals 12. These partners host PeopleSoft apps and serve as a customer point.

Carolee Harari, vice president of the channels, said, “The ASP market is coming to People Soft and ASP is becoming a significant part of PeopleSoft’s business. The choice that PeopleSoft offers makes us attractive to both large and small businesses.”

The PeopleSoft Channel Partner Program includes only ASPs with a demonstrated proficiency in PeopleSoft applications and a commitment to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. Member partners include Qwest Cyber.Solutions.

John Charters, president and chief executive officer, Qwest Cyber.Solutions, believes PeopleSoft offers a customer-friendly environment for companies that want a hosted ASP environment for their eBusiness applications, while Qwest provides ASP products that incorporate best-of-breed technologies.

“Partnerships with leaders such as PeopleSoft lend strength to out overall solutions and expand our ability to bring on new customers,” he said.

Offering customers the flexibility to choose between PeopleSoft ASP partners that host PeopleSoft eBusiness apps, other vendors’ products and PeopleSoft eCenter, customers have more options when it comes to hosted apps.

Co-location and interconnection services provider Corban Communications is a Qwest Cyber.Solutions customer and was looking for the functionality of PeopleSoft, but the freedom associated with a hosted solution for that app.

Hal Thomas, president and chief executive officer, Corban Communications, said, “Qwest provides us with a high performance, reliable service that keeps our business running so that we can focus on other important projects.”

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