Peregrine Educates With Centra

Centra , the Lexington, Mass.-based provider of eLearning software, today announced that Peregrine Systems, Inc. , a provider of Infrastructure Management software, has selected Centra’s enterprise eLearning platform to train its customers, alliance partners, and employees in Peregrine’s virtual classroom, using its Infrastructure Management software.

Centra says that offering its virtual classroom training with Peregrine Education Services’ physical classroom instruction and self-paced online courses, Peregrine can provide a complete blended learning solution.

“Centra rounds out our blended learning strategy with real-time, online communication and critical features for advanced interactive training, such as robust application sharing,” says Terry Bickham, Director of Worldwide Curriculum Development at Peregrine.

“Centra enables us to improve productivity, accelerate the delivery of training, and support customers, alliance partners and employees more effectively.”

Having already trained over 350 customers, alliance partners, and employees in virtual classrooms, Peregrine Education Services is estimating around 1,000 additional students will learn online in the next six months, which could save all parties nearly $600,000 in travel-related costs.

The firm says that interactive online training has allowed Peregrine to increase the cost-effectiveness and convenience of supporting a vast network of customers, alliance partners and employees who require fast, advanced training and information on demand

“Peregrine joins a growing list of leading global customers who have realized the powerful financial and competitive benefits of using Centra’s Web-based platform for eLearning and collaboration,” says Tony Mark, Centra’s President and Chief Operating Officer.

“Businesses are making enterprise eLearning a top priority, particularly as the economic climate requires companies to cut back on travel costs. Centra is committed to helping companies make the transition a successful and rewarding investment, as well as set the standard for the way that people will work together virtually in the future.”

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