Pixelon.com Launches Full-screen, Full-Motion Video

Pixelon Inc. is planning a Friday launch for its new Web site which will feature 10 distinct channels of
programming, including several new programming formats never before seen,
such as TV “mini-runs,” video talk shows and Internet informercials.

Pixelon.com’s programming at launch will feature channels featuring both
video on demand and live event programming, all broadcast in a proprietary
full-screen, full-motion, TV-quality format.

“With Pixelon.com, we have designed programming for the medium of the
Internet, unlike other online broadcasters,” said Pixelon Inc. Chairman and
Founder Michael Fenne.

“What does that mean? We are delivering short,
visually compelling, well-produced programming, which is what the Internet
audience says it wants. Through our programming, Pixelon.com will refresh,
stimulate, educate and entertain the viewer, with programming delivered at
any time the viewer chooses. We deliver what you want, when you want it, the
way you want it.”

Pixelon.com will bring live events to the Internet, to be viewed from a
choice of camera locations to suit each viewer. Kicking off tomorrow at 2
p.m. PST, the network’s first streaming Webcast will be the iBASH `99 concert
from the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Held to commemorate the
launch of Pixelon.com, iBASH `99 will feature a reunion of The Who, Dixie
Chicks, KISS, Faith Hill, The Offspring, LeAnn Rimes, Tony Bennett and the
Brian Setzer Orchestra, co-hosted by David Spade and Cindy Margolis. Other
upcoming live events scheduled for Pixelon.com will include the Republican
Presidential campaign and other political events through an agreement with
the Republican National Committee.

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