PlaceWare Aiding India/Pakistan Travel Restrictions

The threat of war between India and Pakistan forced U.S. officials to issue travel warnings this week to the two countries. The safety precaution has been upsetting to people with loved ones in the area. But the restrictions are felt deeply in the Silicon Valley.

The area has the highest population of Indian and Pakistani natives per capita in the country, most migrating here in just the last ten years to help build the dot-com era.

To help ease the frustration, Mountain View, Calif.-based PlaceWare said Friday it will begin to offer free Web conferencing to 501-C non-profit and aid organizations operating in India and Pakistan.

In a nutshell, charitable organizations affected by recent travel warnings can get free services for the next month, and businesses impacted by the conflict can get reduced rate services.

The offer is good from now until July 1, 2002.

“We know that many businesses including high-tech and other companies throughout the U.S. work extensively with organizations and contractors in India and Pakistan. Web conferencing can help these users communicate and collaborate even when they are separated by distance and cautionary travel warnings,” said PlaceWare VP, Worldwide Marketing Dustin Grosse. “Our offer lets people sign up for a large-scale Web conference event, and conduct meetings they would have otherwise attended in person in this region of the world.”

On a normal day, PlaceWare said its managed event services can accommodate up to 2500 attendees at once. The company said it is expecting brisk business after announcing this offer.

PlaceWare said new and existing customers doing business in India and Pakistan must call 1-800-526-6170 to take advantage of the offer.

New business customers can get 50 percent off a first-time managed event and 20 percent off all seats (minimum of 5 seats) purchased before July 1. Existing business customers will get 25 percent off a first-time managed event and 10 percent off all seats (minimum of 5 seats) purchased before the deadline.

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