PRIMUS, Covad Team-Up for Nationwide DSL Launch

PRIMUS Telecommunications Group Inc. Thursday partnered with Covad Communications to offer digital subscriber line services in the United States.

PRIMUS plans to deliver broadband Internet access through its newly created data subsidiary, As a part of the deal, PRIMUS and Covad will participate in joint marketing and advertising activities.

K. Paul Singh, PRIMUS chairman and chief executive officer, said competitive pricing and rich applications have increased demand for broadband services in the home and small office markets.

“The Internet applications that are creating new market opportunities and dramatically improving business productivity depend on high-speed connectivity that was once cost-prohibitive for small and mid-size businesses,” Singh said. “We are also experiencing significant pent-up demand from the consumer marketplace for faster, more reliable Internet access.”

Singh added PRIMUS partnered with Covad was because of its ability to deploy DSL solutions on a wide-scale, national basis. PRIMUS plans to launch its DSL services in all 47 U.S. major metropolitan markets that Covad currently services.

Robert Roblin, Covad executive vice-president of marketing, said PRIMUS is well suited to deliver integrated communication services nationwide.

“PRIMUS is playing a leading role in deploying broadband technology that is helping more businesses and consumers realize the benefits of advanced high-speed communications,” Roblin said. “Covad commends PRIMUS’s efforts for delivering integrated communications services in the fast-growing US marketplace.”

Robin Dua, PRIMUS vice-president of Internet business, said PRIMUS plans to bundle high-speed DSL access with other voice and data services to capture ecommerce interest all of their telecommunication solutions.

“PRIMUS plans to offer high-speed Internet access services that will feature bundled DSL packages that include Web hosting, e-commerce tools, unified messaging, and other powerful utilities to help companies increase their productivity, significantly cut costs and enhance knowledge sharing.”

PRIMUS Telecommunications Group is a global facilities-based telecommunications company providing domestic and international long-distance voice and data services. The company operates an extensive global network of both facility-based and leased transmission operations.

PRIMUS currently provides data and voice services to more than 1.7 million customers located in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific region.

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