Prodigy Growth Defies Traditional Summer Slowdown

Beating the typical summer slump in subscriber growth, Prodigy Communications Corp. Thursday announced a 20 percent jump in new customer subscriptions over the past six weeks.

Many of the 120,000 new Prodigy subscribers took advantage of inexpensive computer promotions bundled with long-term Internet access contracts.

Samer Salameh, Prodigy chairman and chief executive officer, attributed the unusual mid-summer growth spurt to success in the storefront.

“Distribution programs with major retailers such as Best Buy, Co. and leading national computer manufacturers have fueled this unprecedented expansion of the Prodigy customer base,” Salameh said.

“This growth in our subscriber base continues to strengthen our leadership position by leveraging our national brand name to set new business trends in the Internet marketplace.”

Best Buy and Prodigy teamed-up in July to offer a nationwide a $400 rebate on computer purchases, when consumers signed up for three-years of Prodigy Internet service.

Based on the increase in summer subscriptions, industry analysts anticipate additional long-term Internet access incentives will be the mainstay holiday retail offers later this year.

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