Prodigy Windows Software Upgrade Y2K Ready

Prodigy Communications Corp. Wednesday unveiled its newest Internet software, Prodigy Internet Version 5.0, the latest Prodigy upgrade for Windows users.

The software upgrade is designed to be Y2K compliant and includes the latest versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Outlook Express for e-mail and news.

Bill Kirkner, Prodigy (PRGY) chief technology officer, said the software upgrade would keep Prodigy Internet members abreast with current technologies and is ready for the new millenium.

“We’re making sure Prodigy is prepared for Y2K so our members can ring in the New Year online,” Kirkner said. “In fact, not only is Prodigy’s own software Y2K ready, but all of the products included in the upgrade are considered Y2K compliant by the manufacturers.”

In January, Prodigy announced it was shuttering its Prodigy Classic in October. Prodigy Classic was retired due to service’s outdated proprietary architecture and technologies that were not readily upgradable.

Prodigy determined not to make the Prodigy Classic service Year 2000 compliant. The ISP has encouraged that Prodigy Classic customers migrate to Prodigy Internet and have offered special pricing and hardware upgrade promotions to encourage a timely move.

Dan Levine, Prodigy spokesperson, said the company was happy with the number of members that have moved from Prodigy Classic to Prodigy Internet services.

“Although we’re in-between quarters and we don’t have exact figures at this time, we’re quite pleased with the overall number of Prodigy Classic clients that have already switched to Prodigy Internet services,” Levine said.

Prodigy Internet Version 5.0 is currently available to new Prodigy members. Current members will receive the software upgrade through direct mail distribution scheduled to begin later this month.

In related news, NaviNet Inc., this week announced that it has signed an agreement to provide Internet access services to Prodigy Communications Corporation. The partnership means that NaviNet will provide outsourced dial-up access to Prodigy users nationwide.

T.C. Browne, NaviNet chief executive officer, said the partnership would help expand Prodigy’s business nationwide.

“By selecting NaviNet for outsourced access, Prodigy will be able to instantly serve customers in new areas of the country without the overhead and time lag associated with building out new infrastructure,” Browne said. “Prodigy is a well known and respected Internet brand. We look forward to growing our partnership with Prodigy as they expand their business.”

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