Promise Of On-Premise Delivery

BrassRing Inc., the Waltham, Mass.-based application service provider (ASP) of Talent Relationship Management (TRM) systems and eRecruiting services, today announced that it is developing an on-premise software version of BrassRing Enterprise, its until now Web delivered TRM solution.

BrassRing Enterprise is a fully integrated system designed to help streamline the building of relationships with job candidates and current employees and give large organizations the opportunity to turn talent management into a competitive advantage.

BrassRing says the on-premise version will have the same functionality of BrassRing’s Enterprise ASP offering, with the primary difference being the delivery method.

“BrassRing remains committed to the ASP model, but in our conversations with Fortune 500 companies, we’ve found that some companies prefer the ASP model, while others find an on-premise solution best fits their needs,” explains Mike Gioja, president of BrassRing Systems, a division of BrassRing Inc.

He continues that the move is intended to provide a range of options for companies who want to customize the BrassRing’s technology: “Earlier this year, we unbundled BrassRing services from our TRM offerings, and now, we are establishing another delivery method for our software. By creating an on-premise version of our product,” he explains.

The software version of BrassRing Enterprise enables companies to place the solution behind their firewall, allowing them to integrate and customize the application in their own environment.

Commenting on the move, Jenni Lehman, vice president and research director at market research firm Gartner Inc says: “The market for enterprise recruiting solutions has matured and the functional scope has stabilized. This opens the door for vendors with adequate market momentum to support both on-premise and ASP offerings.”

She advises that enterprises must now carefully explore the value of each model and make investments based on business requirements.

BrassRing says that having an on-premise option helps develop strategic relationships with major partners. The company plans to announce key systems integration partnerships in the coming months.

The software version of BrassRing Enterprise will be available in the Spring of 2002.

Founded in 1999, BrassRing serves 200 enterprise-level clients, including SAP Labs, CIGNA, Unisys, Union Pacific and other Fortune 500 companies. The company serves as is partnered with more than 5,000 companies that use BrassRing’s TRM systems and candidate sourcing technology for managing their talent.

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