PSINet Expands Dark Fiber Access in Canada

PSINet Inc.
Wednesday acquired the rights to use 20 strands of fiber optic cable from
Starcom Service Corp. The deal makes
PSINet the first independent ISP that owns a continuous fiber optic network
encircling the globe.

The agreement remains subject to bankruptcy court approval in Vancouver.
The deal will greatly increase PSINet’s network capacity on the North
American western corridor.

“The acquisition of dark fiber and facilities significantly increases
PSINet’s Canadian capabilities, creates abundant capacity and will enable
us to take advantage of improved opto-electronic technologies,” said Nadir
Desai, president and chief executive officer of PSINet Ltd.

Newly activated fiber optic capacity permits PSINet to lower its operating
costs by replacing more expensive leased bandwidth circuits.

“The PSINet group of companies is committed to anticipating and exceeding
market demands for faster, better access as the explosive growth of the
Internet continues to transform the information age,” added Desai.
“PSINet’s international network offers the flexibility, security and
reliability that enable customers to enjoy seamless, high-speed,
congestion-free pipelines to the information superhighway.”

Headquartered in Herndon, VA, PSINet is a global facilities-based Internet
Protocol (IP) data communications carrier focused on the business
market. PSINet operates an international IP-optimized network
consisting of more than 500 POPs around the world.

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