PSINet Partners with Rhythms to Accelerate Nationwide DSL Rollout

Rhythms NetConnections Inc. and PSINet Inc. Wednesday teamed up to offer Digital Subscriber Line service in seven U.S. markets.

The partners plan to launch their DSL services in Cleveland-Akron, Columbus, Indianapolis, Tampa/St. Petersburg, greater Connecticut, Milwaukee, and Salt Lake City in December.

Richard H. Johnston, Rhythms chief sales officer for channels, said pairing with PSINet would help Rhythms (RTHM) expand their customer base.

“PSINet (PSIX) is an ideal partner for Rhythms as we execute our vision of offering multiple services over our high-performance, business-class network,” Johnston said. “A recognized leader in the ISP industry, PSINet will help Rhythms reach additional customers.”

Charles Cary, PSINet vice president of product management and deployment, said partnering with Rhythms would enhance PSINet’s broadband service offerings.

“Rhythms’ ability to provide enhanced, reliable applications on top of a DSL circuit will help us give our customers the type of speed and support they are looking for,” Cary said. “In addition, Rhythms’ extensive footprint increases our DSL reach.”

The partnership plans to provide customers with multiple services over integrated broadband connections. Rhythms plans to provide DSL services in 33 metropolitan areas by the end of 1999. The companies hope to serve 50 metropolitan markets by the end of 2000.

Through recent agreements with Covad Communications (COVD) and Network Access Solutions (NASC), PSINet broadband access is scheduled to be made available in 60 U.S. cities during the second quarter of 2000.

Cary said the initial rollout gives PSINet access to a market of just under 3 million small businesses.

“By partnering with leading DSL providers we are able to rapidly deploy a high quality product nationally,” Cary said. “Customers will have the benefit of PSINet’s IP-based global network and quality DSL service in major cities throughout the US by midyear 2000. The initial rollout gives us access to a market of more than 2.9 million small businesses, with another 1 million in the coming months.”

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