Pulsecom Pumps Out Multiple Destination DSL Service

Looking to meet the growing needs of the digital
subscriber line (DSL) customer base, Pulsecom Inc. Tuesday began offering
Dynamic Connect, a DSL service that can connect a user to multiple

Dynamic Connect is a software-based, user-initiated solution designed to
access multiple service destinations including Internet service providers,
online content providers and corporate networks. The strategy behind the
technology is to make DSL service as easy to use as dial-up services.

Subscribers need not contact their ADSL provider each time they want to
change destinations. Using Dynamic Connect’s Web-based PC
interface, they can point and click to switch among a variety of providers
and networks.

Allowing subscribers to select their own service will add to the
productivity of Pulscom’s customers–content service providers, said Sassan
Babaie, Pulsecom’s vice president of marketing.

“The most important requirement for end users today is obtaining high-speed
access to multiple providers and networks simultaneously without having to
significantly change their PC or LAN environment,” Babaie said.

“Dynamic Connect. . .delivers an interoperable, standards-based solution,
something that is important to both Pulsecom’s customer base of service and
access providers and subscribers.”

The software is part of the WavePacer Broadband DSL Solution, a complete
end-to end ADSL system. It supports both full-rate ADSL and DSL Lite.

A single license supporting an unlimited number of end users is shipped at
no additional charge with the WavePacer ADSL-8000 Modem, which is currently
priced at $479.

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