Qwest Cyber.Solutions Launches Business Partner Program

Qwest Cyber.Solutions LLC unveiled the QCS Business Partner Program yesterday, with the goal of enabling premier technology solution providers to evolve their business model to include ASP services from Qwest.

QCS recognizes that as the ASP model is continually being validated on a daily basis, systems integrators realize the importance of rounding out their offerings with ASP solutions.

“The best way to do this is by partnering with Qwest Cyber.Solutions,” John Charters, chief executive officer, said. “It would be a tremendous undertaking for those companies to build an ASP from the ground up and make much more sense to partner with established, well respected leaders for fast, reliable business critical ASP solutions.”

Currently, members of the program include C-bridge, Compendit Inc. and Idea Integration. “We have already seen tremendous interest and expect hundreds of partners to join the program over the next year,” Charters said.

Charters told ASP-News that the program is designed for those partners that add value and complement the QCS ASP offerings. “We look for best of breed consulting firms, systems integrators, hardware and infrastructure vendors as well as resellers.”

According to Charters, the Business Partner Program is an opportunity for QCS to tap a new channel and capture additional recurring revenue through the new partners.

Qwest Cyber.Solutions LLC (QCS) will offer two different levels memberships for the Business Partner Program, giving partners the ability to work with QCS to provide integrated solutions for customers or become lead referral partners.

“We will bring on partners that both work with us to deliver an integrated solution to the customer and also those that provide lead referrals,” Charters explained.

The first level of membership is for top tier partners that will provide value added services such as implementation and integration that augment QCS’ ASP products, according to Charters.

The other level of membership is for partners who want to offer their clients ASP services, but may not have synergies with Qwest Cyber.Solution’s offerings.

“The lead referral program membership offers compensation for partners that have clients requiring ASP services yet may not have the specific implementation or integration capabilities that complement our offerings,” Charters said.

According to Charters, the QCS Business Partner Program provides advantages for all involved. “QCS benefits with access to additional clients, and the partners benefit with a better story and more compete set of offerings to take to their customers and prospects,” Charters said. “It gives partners a reliable ASP platform that allows them to deliver high quality projects.”

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