RCN Reaches 500,000 Subscribers

A rapid expansion drive over the past year has helped Internet provider RCN Corp. reach the 500,000-subscriber milestone.

The company also named former JavaNet
co-founder David Epstein will serve as president of its Internet Division.

“Now that we have successfully integrated RCN’s four major ISP
acquisitions, and officially launched the RCN.com Internet brand, we are
going to focus on aggressively building the Internet side of our business,”
said RCN Chairman and Chief Executive Officer David C. McCourt.

“Having already built one of the Northeast’s most successful and well respected ISPs, David Epstein is the perfect person to lead RCN in this effort.”

RCN completed the internal integration of JavaNet , Erols Internet Inc., Interport Communications and UltraNet Communications on Jan. 21st. RCN emerged as a major ISP in 1998, bulding upon a large customer
base in the Boston to Washington, D.C. corridor. The company deployed its
own fiber optic network throughout this region, making it the nation’s
first and largest single-source, facilities-based communications provider.

“In the coming year, as we continue to attract new Internet customers, we
will look to leverage our growing customer base and the excess network
capacity that will allow for the seamless launch of new revenue-generating
Internet applications over our state-of-the-art broadband platform,”
Epstein said.

RCN’s network is a broadband fiber optic platform that offers voice, video
and high-speed Internet services to residential customers. Upon completion,
RCN’s East and West Coast local fiber optic networks will serve an area
comprising nearly 40 percent of the U.S. residential communications market.

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